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Year 6 Have Been Busy!
Year 6 have been VERY busy! You can take a look at a few of their activities below.
Having studied the play of MacBeth, Year 6 produced some amazing work which included witches’ spells, newspaper reports on the death of King Duncan . . .


 . . . letters from MacBeth to his wife and

pastel images of the key characters.

They make a dramatic display in the classroom.


In this photograph they are hurling Shakespearean

insults at each other as Prospero (on one side)

and Caliban (on the other).


Year 6 took great pride in the work they prepared

for the authors of the Red House Book Awards.


Some wrote to individual authors, others created

alternative book covers or illustrations based on their books.


Using the medium of montage, Y6 made a detailed, labelled cross section of the eye to help show how

we see things.



As part of their topic work on ‘sound’, Year 6 designed

and then made their own musical instruments.



These included shakers, guitars, drums and whistles.


Many of the instruments were capable of being tuned

and were a testament to the children’s ingenuity and perseverance.


Well done Year 6!