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Year 4 Visit YO! Sushi

As part of their Topic on Japan Year 4 visited the YO! Sushi restaurant

in York to find out about some of the Japanese food they prepare.


The first thing we had to do was wash

our hands and put on our chef's hats.


We were able to try Tamago,

a sweet Japanese omelette,

that is often eaten for breakfast.


We also tried Inari made from

fried, sweet soya beans.


We were told about how the salmon used

is sliced thinly with VERY sharp knives!


Every bit of it is used - even the skin -

so there is no waste.


We were shown how to make Cucumber Maki.

The longest Maki was 12,500 metres long

and it took 60 people 15 hours to make!


First we had to put gloves on and rub oil

on them to prevent the rice from sticking.

Here are our ingredients.


A handful of rice is spread on the

nori (dry, roast seaweed).

Sesame seeds next . . .
. . . then a thin strip of cucumber . . .
. . . and time to roll it up tightly in the bamboo mat.
Everyone did very well.

Our Cucumber Maki was chopped

up and put onto plates


It was fun watching the plates travel

along the Kai Tan (conveyor belt).


The Kai Tan is 47m long, holds 317 plates and

it takes 6½ minutes for food to travel round.


We had to watch closely for our own Maki.

Then it was time to taste!

Some of us were not sure we liked it, others came back for more!

We saw lots of other types of Sushi being made.


Sushi originated in China as a way of

preserving fish by wrapping it in rice.


Today lots of ingredients are used

such as vegetables and other meats.


We made sure we brought back a

take away box for Mrs Powley's lunch!

Thank you to the staff at YO! Sushi.

We really enjoyed our visit.