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Yorkshire Museum Visit

Years 5 & 6 had a very interesting

day at the Yorkshire Museum. 


Each class attended two sessions; in one they learned

about life in Anglo-Saxon times and in the other they

tried to identify a skeleton through forensic analysis.  

They looked at Anglo-Saxon artefacts in detail.    
Used quills and ink to create illuminated letters . . .

Wove and braided . . .



Etched the outline of an

Anglo-Saxon helmet on silver paper . . .  


Played traditional games, solved riddles and       

ground flour.     
They carefully looked at the skull and pelvis of a skeleton to decide whether it was male or female. . .   

Measured the femur (and their own)

to try and gauge its age . . .   

Looked at food remnants found near the skeleton . . .  
Examined the cloth/thread samples and   

considered artefacts also found near the burial site. 



All in all a fascinating day!