Friends of Lord Deramore’s Primary School

Introducing FoLD (a Parent Teacher and Friends Association)

We changed our name from ‘Lord Deramore’s PTA’ to ‘Friends of Lord Deramore’s Primary School’ (FoLD) after a school-wide poll held in Autumn 2019. This way we hope to indicate that we’re inclusive: you don’t need to be a parent or a teacher to join in – siblings, grandparents and neighbours are very welcome too! Anyone who has a connection with Lord Deramore’s Primary School (e.g. has a child at Lord Deramore’s) and supports us is a friend.

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** FoLD 100 Club **

As a way of dealing with restrictions in our usual fundraising, we set up a ‘100’ Club. It’s a great way for you to provide some regular support to the Friends of Lord Deramore’s Primary School and be in with a chance of winning a cash prize each month. It is simple to join – just select the appropriate payment item on your ParentPay account at the start of term (Autumn, Spring or Summer Term) and enter your name into the Notes field. Once you have paid, you will be entered into the monthly draws for that term. All participants must be over the age of 16.

Click here for full information and rules updated for Spring 2022! 

Traditional activities

In recent years we’ve raised money through: Christmas and Summer Fairs, School Discos, Second Hand Uniform Sales and our annual Pumpkin Competition.

Although things have been a little trickier recently in trying to arrange events, we hope all new parents and carers feel welcome at Lord Deramore’s. If you’d like to become more involved with FoLD besides participating with our activities, we’d love to hear from you. Drop us an email on:

Who are we?

FoLD consists of:

  • Supporters – Those with links to Lord Deramore’s who attend and support our events and activities
  • Willing volunteers– Offering practical, hands-on help at events and/or specialised know-how (catering, crafts and PR to name a few!)
  • FoLD Event Planners WhatsApp group – Thinking/planning activities, providing advice, providing practical help and/or forwarding messages on to their year group(s).
  • The Committee– Those happy to be official Committee members – elected at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) and holding office until the next AGM. The minimum number of committee members is 2 (Chair and Treasurer). Ideally speaking the committee will also have a Secretary/Communications Officer. Below links provide more information about the various roles:

We’ve been able to support Lord Deramore’s through funding educational equipment and workshops, for example science materials and workshops given during Outdoor Learning Week. We hope that our activities give fun and enjoyment to all those attending and participating.

Thank you for your support!