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Building Our New School
  June 2015      
Following the planning approval being given, the Contracts Manager and two engineers visited our school.
  January 2015      

Surveyors came to school. They marked out the

whole school field with coloured pegs and used a magnetometer to make a geophysical survey.


They walked up and down the field carrying the magnetometer. It can penetrate 1.5m and show

them what is under the ground.


Did you hear the bleeping noise it made?


The New Year started with engineers at our school.

They came to take soil samples from several

places around the school grounds.


The machine collects samples from up to 6m deep!

January 2014

It was exciting today - Engineering Geologists

arrived and assembled a Cable Percussive Rig.


This is used to drill down between 10m and 15m

deep into the ground and take soil samples.


Can you see the big metal tube that

is used to bring the soil sample out?


There was also an Archaeologist on site

to survey and evaluate anything interesting

that might be found in the samples.


It was VERY muddy!



They also did several 'Window Sampler' holes.


This involved drilling deep holes and

examining what came out of them.


This hole is on the playground.

Can you see all the different types of materials

that have been brought to the surface?



There have been Surveyors in school using

theodolites to make detailed measurements.


Outside they used retro reflective markers to help them make precision measurements.

The markers they used inside were round, black and white stickers. Have you seen any?


The first thing that many of us noticed

were utility markings around manholes!

Did you see them?