Admissions to Lord Deramore’s Primary School are dealt with by the admissions team at the City of York.  Further information can be found on the CYC website and applications can be made online using the Parent Portal.  Our admissions policy can be found on our Policies page.

Lord Deramore’s Primary School Admission Form

Will your child start reception in September 2017?

Your child can start primary or infant school in the September of the school year they turn 5 – so if your child’s 5th birthday is between 1/9/17 and 31/8/18 you can apply for a place in reception for September 2017.  Applications for entry into reception in September 2017 can be made either:

On time applications will be accepted until 15 January 2017, and late applications can be made after 15 January, though these may be looked at after other applications.  Applicants will be advised of their allocated school from ‘national offer day’, which is 18 April 2017.

Please read the Guide for Parents when applying for a school place, as it contains key information on school admissions.