Term Dates & Times

The School Day

  • Early Years
    • Parents and carers can bring their child to the Early Years classroom between 8:40 and 8:50am. Parents and carers collect their child at the end of the day from the Early Years door at 3:15pm.
  • Key Stage One and Two
    • Children enter school at the start of the day through their cloakroom doors. Doors will be open from 8.40am. Please note that school starts at 8.50am. The gate at the front of school will be locked at 9.00am for safeguarding reasons. Children arriving after this time should enter school via the office.
    • Key Stage One (Years 1 & 2) parents and carers collect their child from their classroom door at 3.15pm.
    • Key Stage Two (Years 3, 4, 5 & 6) make their way to the front of school to be collected.

Term Dates

Please note that the school will open and close at the usual times for all term sessions as detailed in the school prospectus and your child’s planner – for clarification: the school day begins at 08.50 each morning and ends at 15.15 each afternoon.

Term Dates 2021-2022

Click here to download the Term Dates for 2021-2022 as a .pdf

TermSchool opens to pupils:Last day for pupils:
Autumn 2021 - first half termTuesday 7th September 2021Friday 22nd October 2021
Autumn 2021 - second half termMonday 1st November 2021Thursday 16th December 2021
Spring 2022 - first half termWednesday 5th January 2022Friday 18th February 2022
Spring 2022 - second half termMonday 28th February 2022Friday 8th April 2022
Please note the bank holiday closure on Monday 2nd May 2022
Summer 2022 - first half termMonday 25th April 2022Thursday 26th May 2022
Summer 2022 - second half termMonday 6th June 2022Friday 22nd July 2022

2021-2022 Teacher Training Days and Bank Holidays

  • Monday 6th September 2021
  • Friday 17th December 2021
  • Monday 3rd January 2022 *School Closed* Bank Holiday
  • Tuesday 4th January 2022
  • Monday 2nd May 2022 *School Closed* Bank Holiday 
  • Friday 27th May 2022
  • Monday 25th July 2022

All schools are closed to pupils for five teacher training days in the year. Staff training dates may be subject to change, subject to any new requirements or regulations which may be issued by the DfE or local education authority. You will be given as much notice as possible of any changes to the training days.

Planned Term Dates for 2022-2023

The following are based on the recommended term dates provided by City of York Council for schools in the City of York area for the academic year 2022-2023 and include the planned dates for the five teacher training days that all schools are required to have.

TermSchool opens to pupils:Last day for pupils
Autumn 2022 - first half termTuesday 6th SeptemberFriday 21st October
Autumn 2022 - second half termMonday 31st OctoberFriday 16th December
Spring 2023 - first half termWednesday 4th JanuaryFriday 10th February
Spring 2023 - second half termMonday 20th FebruaryFriday 31st March
Summer 2023 - first half termMonday 17th AprilThursday 25th May
Please note the Bank Holiday on Monday 1st May 2023
Summer 2023 - second half termMonday 5th JuneFriday 21st July

2022-2023 Teacher Training Days and Bank Holidays

  • Monday 5th September 2022
  • Tuesday 3rd January 2023
  • Monday 1st May 2023 – Early May Bank Holiday
  • Friday 26th May 2023
  • Monday 24th July 2023
  • Tuesday 25th July 2023

Planned Term Dates for 2023-2024

The following are based on the recommended term dates provided by City of York Council for schools in the City of York area for the academic year 2023-24. In addition, all schools will also be closed to pupils for a further five teacher training days and we will publish our 2023-34 training days on the website once they are available.

Autumn 2023 - 1st half termMonday 4th September 2023Friday 27th October 2023
Autumn 2023 - 2nd half termMonday 6th November 2023Friday 22nd December 2023
Spring 2024 - 1st half termMonday 8th January 2024Friday 9th February 2024
Spring 2024 - 2nd half termMonday 19th February 2024Friday 22nd March 2024
Summer 2024 - 1st half termMonday 8th April 2024Friday 24th May 2024
Please note the Bank Holiday on Monday 6th May 2024
Summer 2024 - 2nd half termMonday 3rd June 2024Monday 22nd July 2024



Schools are regularly audited to ensure that they are following government guidelines and policies. Schools are not permitted to authorise any requests for leave of absence in term time unless it is for exceptional circumstances. The following reasons are NOT valid:

  • The availability of cheap holidays or accommodation;
  • The weather at a particular time of year;
  • The holiday happens to overlap the start or end of a school term – this is particularly disruptive to your child’s education at the start of the school year in September.

Absence Request Form

Information about the term dates for all City of York maintained schools can be found on the City of York Council website.