Category: School Council

School Council Agenda 21.9.2022


  • Y6 T
  • Y5 N & C
  • Y4 C & C
  • Y3 V & I

Agenda Items:

  1. New play equipment has arrived. School Council unpacked it all and will show the rest of the school in Thursday’s assembly (V & I kangaroo balls, N Frisbees, Cl mixed balls, Ch stilts, T Velcro and Ca scoop bats. Children need reminding to look after it and tidy up after they have played with it)
  2. T(Y6) will take over as Chair.
  3. Current and new School Councillors will continue until October half term.
  4. Councillors need to tell their class what you have done in School Council: what’s good about LD, what needs changing, ordered new PE equipment, chose the charity, met with Mrs Perutz and the catering company, made the hedgehog display and talked about behaviour and technology in school.

School Council History

Deramore’s School Council is to improve the school for children and adults.  Each child, from Years 2-6, has the opportunity to be council representative for their year group.  Children who wish to be elected create a presentation about themselves, explaining why people should vote for them to be on the School Council. A ballot is then held in each class to select two class representatives. 

The School Council also work to raise money for our chosen charities. Charities are nominated at the start of each term and presentations are given by the council members. Each child in school then votes to select the charity. Fundraising activities are organised throughout the year by the School Council. A bake sale at the Christmas Fair in 2019, run by the Council, raised over £84. Donations from parents and carers at the Christmas productions raised over £200. In the school year 2016-2017 our charity was Cancer Research UK. We raised over £300. During 2015-2016 we raised over £800 for the Children’s Heart Surgery Fund, Leeds. The Enterprise Challenge in the Spring Term will raise funds for this term’s chosen charity.

School Councillors attend regular meetings. They take a role in the appointment of new staff; they have the opportunity to interview candidates using their own prepared questions. They also prepare and lead school assemblies.

They support the PTA by judging competitions such as ‘The Bake Off’. They help at events like World Book Day, as well as make posters to display in school advertising fundraising activities. They also listen to any feedback that pupils may have about what is good about Lord Deramore’s and what could be improved. 

Several years have been disrupted by COVID but we are back up and running with School Council. Elections have taken place and there are two representatives from Y2 to Y6. They have created an informative hedgehog display in school and meet regularly.