The ‘Classrooms‘ menu is where you can find out what each phase group is learning this term, as well as other useful information about classroom activities and routines, and information about Home Learning, the School Council, and E-safety.

At Lord Deramore’s, we have organised our classes into age-appropriate phases rather than the traditional Key Stages seen in most schools across the country. We have organised our seven classes in a way which promotes a more gradual introduction to formalised learning, mirroring the approach taken by many high performing international education systems.

Phase 1: EYFS (FS2) and Year 1

We believe that young children learn best through play and following their own interests. In Phase 1, children develop the skills and attitudes needed to become successful lifelong learners. Our key focus in this phase is to ensure children have the emotional and social skills to do well in school and to secure the foundations of learning for future learning – particularly in terms of basic skills in reading, writing and number.

Phase 2: Year 2 and Year 3

The children in this phase are gradually introduced to more formalised learning and teaching styles, whilst not forgetting that they are still young children who benefit from play and exploration.

Phase 3: Year 4, Year 5 and Year 6

In this phase, children are exposed to more formal teaching styles and secure the attitudes, skills and knowledge needed to excel academically as they move to secondary education.

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