Welcome to Phase 2 – Bridging KS1 and KS2

Phase 2 is where you will find our Year 2 & Year 3 classes.

Meet the Team

We hope you find the following information useful. If you have any questions or comments for either class, please email:


Alternatively, you can phone school and leave a message via the office or pop in and see us at the end of the day.


At the start of each term, we will send out a Phase 2 Newsletter via ParentPay. The newsletter outlines relevant information for that term.

The Curriculum

For more detail of our curriculum for this term, please see the Phase Two Curriculum Overview.

English and maths are core subjects which are tested at Year 2 and Year 6. Use the following links to find out more.


Years 2 and 3 are crucial in the development of children as readers. In Year 2 we will continue to build on the phonics and spelling from Year 1, and carry on developing reading and comprehension skills. Most children will follow the reading scheme as well as choosing their own books from the library.

In Year 3 many children will have learnt the basics of reading will be leaving the security of a structured reading scheme. It is especially important at this time to ensure that they have access to books which interest and excite them, as well as continue to develop their language skills. Many children of this age require support from home and school to ensure good book choices and we would value your support in this.

Reasons to read a book:

  1. Reading a book helps to develop imagination and empathy
  2. Reading improves vocabulary, sentence structure and language skills
  3. Reading slows down the heartrate and reduces feelings of stress
  4. Reading a book increases knowledge of the world and the people in it
  5. Reading can be done quietly by yourself or is a lovely way to spend time with someone else
  6. Children who read regularly tend to achieve better in school
  7. Reading improves your memory
  8. Reading is a cheap and portable lifelong hobby.

It is sometimes assumed that, once a child can read, they no longer benefit from reading with an adult. However, research shows that children who continue to read with an adult are more likely to have better comprehension skills and be readers as adults. You are your child’s best role model and can have a great influence on their reading ability and understanding. Therefore we would encourage sharing a book, and talking about the content, with your child for a short time most evenings.


Children usually make the most progress at school when they feel that the school and their families are working together. Therefore we encourage the children to show you their homework menu and to let you know what they have to do. We are happy for you to help when you feel it is appropriate and thank all parents for their support in ensuring homework is completed to a good standard. We expect homework to be handed in on time and appreciate your support in this. All homework will be relevant to work in school and the children will receive feedback.

Some children may need support to organise their belonging and it really helps if there is a particular place at home where homework books, spelling books and reading books can be safely kept. It also helps when parents ask to see the homework books on the days they are given out and remind the children when to put things back in their school bag. Please support your child if they are still learning organisational skills.

End of the School Day

At the end of the day, the Year 3 children will exit school from the hall door independently. If they forget something, please ask them to come back in to get it themselves. If a parent/carer is late, the children come back into school and a member of staff will take them to the school office to wait.

Year 2 children will be handed to their parent / carer at the classroom door.

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