Curriculum Planning & Progression

A Lord Deramore's blue 'Yorkshire rose' with a second layer of petal-like shapes around it formed from five curved arrows, featuring the words 'diversity', 'experiences', 'literature', 'knowledge', and 'vocabulary'.You can view our detailed Curriculum Policy here, and further explore our curriculum using the links under the ‘Curriculum’ menu.

Long Term Plans

These long term plans give a an overview of the curriculum throughout school, from Early Years through to Year 6. 

For more information about each topic, please see our Knowledge Organisers.

Medium Term Plans

The medium term plans show what each phase expects their curriculum to look like over the course of a term. These are working documents that teachers may sometimes adapt. Please note that due to a very short Spring term, teachers may be continuing and completing the Spring 2024 topics at the start of the summer term before moving onto the new Summer 2024 topics.

  Phase 1 Phase 2 Phase 3
Summer 2024 Phase 1 MTP
Phase 2 MTP
Phase 3 MTP
Spring 2024 Phase 1 MTP
Phase 2 MTP
Great Fire of London
Phase 3 MTP
Anglo Saxons and Scots
Autumn 2023 Phase 1 MTP
Phase 2 MTP
Phase 3 MTP
Heslington Past & Present
Summer 2023 Phase 1 MTP
Our World
Phase 2 MTP
On The Move
Phase 3 MTP
Spring 2023 Phase 1 MTP
Phase 2 MTP
Phase 3 MTP
Autumn 2022 Phase 1 MTP
Phase 2 MTP
Schools Now and Then
Phase 3 MTP



Since September 2018, Lord Deramore’s Primary School has adopted the Power Maths curriculum mastery programme. Power Maths is designed to spark curiosity and excitement and nurture confidence in maths. The programme is perfectly aligned to the White Rose Maths progressions and schemes of learning, has been written specifically for UK curriculum classrooms by leading mastery experts from around the world, and has been recommended by the Department for Education.

Click here to see the slides from Mrs Carr’s presentation at the information meeting for parents, held in February 2024.

You can also find Calculation Policies on our Policies & Key Documents page.

Foundation Subject Curriculum Progression Plans

The progression plans form the core of teacher’s medium term planning.

You will find an overview of the learning taking place in each classroom, each term, in the class newsletters that are sent home via ParentPay and published on the classroom pages for each phase. There are then further details in the weekly update that each class produces, which is sent to families by ParentPay. 

If you would like any further information regarding any aspect of your child’s curriculum, please do not hesitate to contact your child’s class teacher or phase leader.