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No Hedgehog News is Good News!

We haven’t had many hedgehog updates recently – but this is excellent news, as hogs who are out and about during the day are usually sick. It seems that at the moment our hedgehog friends are happy, healthy and quietly enjoying sharing our lovely school grounds with us!

Another Spikey Resident!

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A few weeks ago, a Y3 hedgehog hero found this hog who was very confused and out and about in the day. After a stay with Fiona at Urchins Hedgehog Care, York, he’s back!

We love happy endings and are grateful to both Rob, of Minster Lions, for transportation and to Fiona for her dedication.

Lord Deramore’s is very proud to be a Hedgehog-friendly school!

Our New Camera

We are very excited to have been given a night vision camera. Thank you to Caddick Construction for your generous donation. We love looking at the wildlife, in particular the hedgehogs !

Meet Fearne, our latest Hedgehog

We welcomed Fearne to our wonderful grounds where she can roam freely, enjoy our hedgehog sanctuary and pass through into the Heslington East at the uni. She’s a whopping 1038g and was nursed back to health by Fiona at Urchins Hedgehog Care, York.

Lord Deramore’s and our Hedgehogs on Look North!

Wow! Did you catch Year 6 and their feature about their Hedgehog Award project on Look North?

Releasing Isabella

We released Isabella into her hibernaculum in our hedgehog sanctuary.

Fiona at Urchins Hedgehog Care, York, and Lisa treated her ailments & looked after this 141g abandoned hog until she reached a healthy release weight. You can find out more about the Fiona’s fabulous work on their facebook page – click the Urchins logo to go there.

Welcome to the Lord Deramore’s family, Isabella!