Clubs & Extra Curricular Activities

Throughout the year, we provide a number of extra-curricular activities.  Some run at lunchtime although most run after school.  There is a cost to those cubs provided by external providers or where there is an outlay for materials needed.  Clubs vary throughout the year and are bookable through the google form sent home each leaders USE

We also have Sports Leaders in Year 6 who organise lunchtime activities for groups of children, a Choir and a School Orchestra. Some children are also Hedgehog Heroes, contributing to our status as a Hedgehog-friendly School, and every year our classes elect members of the School Council.

Staff will notify parents/carers of any activities that require permission.

  • Clubs on offer vary from term to term
  • Please see below the timetable for this term (which is also sent home electronically, with a Google form to book places) to see what is on offer
  • Clubs may be organised by Lord Deramore’s staff, or by independent providers
  • For clubs organised by independent providers, please contact the relevant provider directly with any queries
  • Please note that we rely on the club provider to keep us up to date with information for this page

Autumn Term 2023 Clubs

Please see below a list of clubs for the Autumn term, and their planned start dates. Please note the different start dates – some start and end dates have needed to be different because of the bank holidays this term. Families have also been sent the Autumn Term Clubs Letter by email, and if we are notified of any further changes we will keep you informed. Please do check with the club provider if you are uncertain.

Click for a larger .pdf version

Clubs that may be offered throughout the year include:

Art – provided by Mr Richards

Years 2-6
In this weekly art club, Mr Richards explores different styles and techniques, giving children a change to use different materials and create exciting pieces of art work.
Contact: Mr Richards –

Chess – hosted by Noel Stewart

Years 3-6
Noel Stewart is a member of the English Chess Federation and also an ECF Accredited Chess Coach. Each week, the children learn and practise chess moves and strategies. They play games against other children in the club.
Contact: Noel Stewart –

Cookery – hosted by Clare’s Kitchen

Years 1-6
Clare’s Kitchen provides two hour cookery lessons each week.  The club runs on two different days due to demand.  The club is delivered through 5 week modules, each covering a different theme/skill.  Children may attend any of the modules and there is no need to have completed other modules in order to attend.  During the sessions, children prepare a dish which is cooked and brought home at the end of the session.
Contact: Clare Halliday –

Gardening – hosted by Mrs Jones and Mrs Carr

Years 4-6
Running fortnightly during lunchtime, children have the opportunity to help tidy and weed the flower beds around school.  They will be able to plan what to plant as well as plant and care for them.
Contact:  Mrs Jones –

Hockey – hosted by Heather Macdonald

Years 3-6
Heather Macdonald runs our weekly hockey club. During the session, children learn and practise key skills and have the chance to play small games.

Instrument Lessons

If your child is interested in music lessons, we have the following opportunities:

Lego challenge – hosted by Mrs Jones and the UoY (2022-23 only)

Children in Year 5 & 6 will have the opportunity to use LEGO to take part in a robotics challenge. They will be learning lots of programming skills as well as problem solving and team working. 10 places available.  No cost.
Contact: Mrs Jones –

Library – hosted by Mrs Jones, Miss McCormack and Mrs Carr

All Year Groups
The library is open after school once each week for children and parents to browse and borrow books.  No space limit and no need to book.

Netball – hosted by Shooting Stars

Years 3-6
Shooting Stars run a netball club for children in Y3-6. In this club, children practise a variety of netball skills, learn the rules and play games. There are also some opportunities to play matches against other schools.

Orchestra – hosted by Mrs Martin

Diane Martin teaches music across Phases 2 and 3.  Children who play an acoustic instrument and have had formal lessons are welcome to join the orchestra.  The orchestra have the opportunity to perform at school events such as the Carol Concert as well as the annual music event in the summer term.
Contact: Mrs Martin –

Senior Choir – hosted by Miss Smith

Years 4-6
The senior choir runs one lunchtime per week and there is no need for children to book a place via the Google form, but can inform Miss Smith directly. The choir have opportunities to sing the songs they have learnt in assemblies and at events such as the Archbishop Holgate’s Carol Service in the Minster.
Contact: Miss Smith –

Spanish – hosted by Louise Lawrence

Louise Lawrence teachers French to the children in Phase 3 each week.  In her after school Spanish club for EY to Y3, Louise teaches basic Spanish words and phrases through songs, stories and games.
Contact: Louise Lawrence –

Story Club – hosted by the Year 6 Librarians

Open to children in KS1
A wonderful club, led by the older children and giving them an opportunity to share their love of books and reading with the younger members of our school community.

Tennis – hosted by ABC Tennis

Years 1/2 and Years 3-6
ABC Tennis run two clubs each week, one for Y1 and Y2 and the other for Y3-6. In the club, children play games and practise their tennis skills. No prior experience is required.

Total Sports

Years 1-6 (days vary)
Total Sports provides two clubs per week throughout the year.  These clubs are seasonal and may be football, dodgeball, cricket or rounders.  Football is bookable via the school Google Form, other clubs are bookable directly through Total Sports.
Contact: Total Sports –

TuTu Funky – hosted by Miss Havercroft

Years 2/3 and Years 4-6.
Miss Havercroft runs two sessions of Tutu-Funky each week, Y2-3 followed by Y4-6. Each term, the children learn a couple of dances which are then performed to parents and the rest of the school. For the older children, there is the opportunity to perform in the annual Dance Festival.
Contact: Miss Havercroft –