School Council Agenda 20.7.2022


  • Y6 M & E
  • Y5 T & F
  • Y4 N & C
  • Y3 C & C
  • Y2 V & I

1) What is good about Lord Deramore’s School?

  • Apparatus in the hall
  • Assemblies are really fun
  • Big grounds which are amazing
  • Children and families come from all around the world
  • Clubs – range on offer
  • Creative activities
  • Devices – ipads, laptops, chrome books
  • Engaging lessons
  • EY outdoor play area
  • Field, nets and hoops on playground to play with
  • Flower beds
  • Fold away lunch tables
  • Football and football nets on field
  • Forest School
  • Friends
  • Fun lessons and how they are taught
  • Gazebo and trim trail
  • Greenhouse and growing plants.
  • Having siblings in the same school
  • Helpful, kind and supportive teachers
  • Learning languages
  • Lockers
  • Lunchtimes are calm and we have a large area to play
  • Mr Rourke
  • New library – clearer, wide range of books, categorised on iPad
  • Parent involvement – new EY looking round and watching plays and musical events
  • PE kits are comfy and we look the same
  • PE with Miss Havercroft – variety of dances, high energy dances, gym,
  • PE with Mr Holmes – cricket, rounders, dodgeball, hockey, tennis,
  • Playleaders leading activities
  • Prodigy
  • Sumdog
  • Topics are interesting
  • TT Rockstars 
  • Vocab Ninja
  • We have so many extra curricular activities 
  • Welcoming
  • Wildlife
  • Y6 approach to SATs – varied curriculum despite SATs

2) Had a meeting with caterers and mentioned the following:

  • Can tray and cup cleanliness be checked? Children saying they have food stuck to them. A lack of cutlery.

3) Order for the play equipment will be finalised.

4) Thank you to M and E Y6 who leave on Friday.