School Council Agenda 21.9.2022


  • Y6 T
  • Y5 N & C
  • Y4 C & C
  • Y3 V & I

Agenda Items:

  1. New play equipment has arrived. School Council unpacked it all and will show the rest of the school in Thursday’s assembly (V & I kangaroo balls, N Frisbees, Cl mixed balls, Ch stilts, T Velcro and Ca scoop bats. Children need reminding to look after it and tidy up after they have played with it)
  2. T(Y6) will take over as Chair.
  3. Current and new School Councillors will continue until October half term.
  4. Councillors need to tell their class what you have done in School Council: what’s good about LD, what needs changing, ordered new PE equipment, chose the charity, met with Mrs Perutz and the catering company, made the hedgehog display and talked about behaviour and technology in school.