Category: PE & Sport


We shared lots of entertaining events throughout the week. There were some fantastic moves by our TuTu Funky dancers, great sounds from our Rock ‘n’ Pops bands at Derafest 2018 and super skills on display at our World Cup finals. Well done to Peru who were our LDPS 2018 Champions!It was lovely to have so many families join us for our ‘Cook Out’ to celebrate the end of the gloriously sunny Outdoor Learning Week 2018.

Sports 2016

For our competitive sporting event this year we gathered at the University of York’s all weather track. There were some speedy sprints, close finishes and brilliant balancing! Despite the storm clouds gathering and the heavens opening, just before the last two events, we all had a great time!


Our fun sport team activities took place on one of the hottest days of the year so far! The teams this year were named after cities that have hosted the Olympic Games. There were 12 teams, each made up of children from each year group. The older children support and encourage the younger team members. There are activities that required concentration, balance, accuracy, different ball skills and team work. The ‘water stops’ in the shade were very welcome this year and we all enjoyed a cold shower at the ‘cooling station’! While we waited for the final scores, we enjoyed a refreshing treat in the shade. The winning team this year was Athens. Well done everyone!