What Parents & Carers Need to Know about Amigo

Although the platform being discussed in the information below is designed for adult users, and not children, we felt it was worth sharing with families so that they are aware of Amigo and the risks it may pose.

What Parents Need to Know about Amigo

Amigo is a communication platform with (according to its marketing blurb) “the most intelligent algorithm”: capable of matching users with potential chat partners who could live anywhere from the other side of the world to within the same postcode. Once paired, users are rewarded for interacting with each other frequently by additional features being made available to them.

These unlockable extras include private video calling. This is an app for mature audiences. There is the flimsiest of barriers to children using it. If (as we imagine) the potential correlation between these three facts has set alarm bells ringing for you … we’d like to direct you towards this week’s #WakeUpWednesday guide for the whole enchilada about Amigo.

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