School Council Agenda 24.6.2022


  • Y6 M
  • Y5 T &F
  • Y4 N & C
  • Y3 Ca
  • Y2 V & I

1) What is good about Lord Deramore’s School
Y6 & Y3 done, Y4, 5 and 2 still needed

2) Sometimes the last class runs out of cutlery.
Can tray and cup cleanliness be checked? Children saying they have food stuck to them.
Indoor PE lessons are late to start because the hall is not cleaned in time.
Good clubs: Tutu Funky, cooking, sports clubs – cricket, football, rounders, orchestra, chess, choir, STEM, Breakfast and After School Club.

3) Replacement technology all requested Chrome books. Check all track pads work on Chrome books or order more mice

4) Behaviour in school is described by pupils as good or good most of the time but there are occasionally the odd few children who do something that they shouldn’t. When the teacher knows about this, they are always told to stop. Rising noise in class is silenced or reduced.

5) Toilet doors in Y5/6 have been replaced.

6) Things that are good about our school.

  • Greenhouse and growing plants.
  • Forest School
  • Field, nets and hoops on playground
  • PE with Mr Holmes – cricket, rounders, dodgeball, hockey, tennis,
  • PE with Miss Havercroft – variety of dances, high energy dances, gym,
  • Apparatus in the hall
  • Fold away lunch tables
  • EY outdoor play area
  • New library – clearer, wide range of books, categorised on iPad
  • Devices – ipads, laptops, chrome books
  • Y6 approach to SATs – varied curriculum despite SATs
  • Gazebo and trim trail
  • Vocab Ninja