School Council Agenda 15.6.2022


  • Y6 E & M
  • Y5 T &F
  • Y4 N & C
  • Y3 C & C
  • Y2 V & I

1) Meeting with Mrs Perutz about safety and safeguarding.

2) Carried forward: Charity is Hedgehog Cottage Rescue and Urchin’s. We collected at the International evening.

3) Cumulative ideas:

  • Collecting litter would be a good thing to do to help our environment
  • Wobble boards are popular and wearing out. Replace?
  • Can the bowls of fruit be brought back into KS2?
  • Coding Club was popular and would like it to be restarted
  • LEGO Club was popular and would like it to be restarted
  • Toilet doors
  • Can singing assemblies for KS2 be restarted?
  • Bake sale
  • Sell books left over from World Book Day
  • C and VC to ask Mr Rourke about the £200.

4) Things that are good about our school.

  • Greenhouse and growing plants.
  • Forest School
  • Field, nets and hoops on playground
  • PE with Mr Holmes – cricket, rounders, dodgeball, hockey, tennis,
  • PE with Miss Havercroft – variety of dances, high energy dances, gym,
  • Apparatus in the hall
  • Fold away lunch tables
  • EY outdoor play area
  • New library – clearer, wide range of books, categorised on iPad
  • Devices – ipads, laptops, chrome books
  • Y6 approach to SATs – varied curriculum despite SATs
  • Gazebo and trim trail
  • Vocab Ninja