10 Tips for Parents and Carers: How to be Green with your Tech

10 Tips for Parents and Carers: How to be Green with your Tech

Remember the heatwave back in July? Temperatures topping 40° in the UK, wildfires in mainland Europe and severe droughts across the continent. It’s clear evidence of how much global warming has started influencing the weather in this part of the world. Climate change has been described as “the fight of our lifetime”, and it’s a battle we have to win.

The Great Big Green Week is an event designed to inspire people to stand up for nature and tackle climate change together. In support, our #WakeUpWednesday guide this week is all about how we can each do our bit to help the planet by re-using or recycling unwanted digital devices such as old smartphones, computers and tablets.

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Reddit – What Parents & Carers Need To Know

With a lot of age-inappropriate content and very minimal moderation, Reddit is not appropriate for primary children. However, it is often a good idea to inform yourself about these things BEFORE your child does! Families may well also have older teens who do use Reddit, and may not be aware of the risks.

What’s more, because the site is hugely popular all over the world, links to Reddit frequently turn up among search engine results if young people are using the internet without appropriate safety filters (like the ones we have in school!) in place – so young people may be exposed to the site’s content even without purposely looking for it. Remember, children’s internet access should always be supervised.

What parents need to know about Reddit

Over the last ten years, Reddit’s monthly user count has grown from 70 million to an estimated 430 million. Around two-thirds of that total are in the 18–29 age bracket, which adds up to a lot of fairly young people discussing … well, pretty much whatever they want. It’s easy to see how that environment might not be suitable for younger users!

Unsurprisingly, age-inappropriate content is therefore a common risk on Reddit, and – as this week’s #WakeUpWednesday guide explains – it’s not in isolation. Constant distracting notifications, online harassment and uninvited contact from strangers are also among the threats that young people might encounter through using Reddit.

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This guide is from National Online Safety

School Council Agenda 21.9.2022


  • Y6 T
  • Y5 N & C
  • Y4 C & C
  • Y3 V & I

Agenda Items:

  1. New play equipment has arrived. School Council unpacked it all and will show the rest of the school in Thursday’s assembly (V & I kangaroo balls, N Frisbees, Cl mixed balls, Ch stilts, T Velcro and Ca scoop bats. Children need reminding to look after it and tidy up after they have played with it)
  2. T(Y6) will take over as Chair.
  3. Current and new School Councillors will continue until October half term.
  4. Councillors need to tell their class what you have done in School Council: what’s good about LD, what needs changing, ordered new PE equipment, chose the charity, met with Mrs Perutz and the catering company, made the hedgehog display and talked about behaviour and technology in school.

Roblox – What Parents & Carers Need To Know

What parents need to know about Roblox

Over the past decade, Roblox has become one of the world’s most popular platforms for young gamers. It’s certainly among the most commercially successful: during one three-month period in 2020, for example, players spent a staggering £200 million on in-game purchases. The possible financial costs, however, aren’t the only area to have caused concern.

How are some sections of Roblox unsuitable for younger players? Why aren’t private or VP servers a water-tight defence against strangers? Who are ODers and why should children be wary of them? Why is it a good idea to disable the private messaging function? Updated for 2022, our #WakeUpWednesday guide to Roblox has the answers.

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This guide is from National Online Safety.

12 Ways to Champion Equality Online

Footballers are used to harsh treatment from opposing crowds during the heat of battle over 90 minutes – it goes with the territory. But comments made about them from the world at large, over the internet, based on something other than their footballing ability? It shouldn’t happen. Not in 2022. Regrettably, however, discrimination is still very much alive and kicking.

With record attendances, plentiful TV coverage, some thrilling matches and – dare we say it? – a more evident sense of fair play than the men’s game, the Women’s European Football Championships is one of the sporting showpieces of the summer so far. Our #WakeUpWednesday guide suggests how we can all help to keep it that way with some tips for championing equality online.National Online Safety

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This guide is from National Online Safety.

Steam – What Parents & Carers Need To Know

What parents need to know about Steam

Steam came into being simply as a means for software developers Valve to distribute their own games (including the popular Counter-Strike, Half-Life and Dota series), but swiftly evolved to host third-party titles as well. These days, players can find A-list gaming franchises like PUBG, Apex Legends and Grand Theft Auto among the platform’s most-played games.

It’s a model that clearly works: in some recent years, as many of 15% of the total computer game purchases globally have been made through Steam. With a growing volume of users – the vast majority, by default, spending at least some money on the platform – it’s no surprise that scams are among Steam’s pitfalls. Trusted adults should check out our #WakeUpWednesday guide for the full story.National Online Safety

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This guide is from National Online Safety.

Minecraft – What Parents & Carers Need To Know

What parents need to know about Minecraft

Giving players the freedom to craft entire worlds from an interactive landscape, Minecraft has been described as the ultimate sandbox game (that is, it eschews the usual pre-determined goals or objectives in favour of creativity and exploration). With enthralling gameplay that encourages inventiveness and problem solving, it’s been a runaway critical and commercial success.

Every Eden has its serpents, however – even virtual ones. Minecraft is no exception. Although the game itself is mostly child friendly and conflict free, some hazards persist that could upset younger users, including disruptive rival players, contact from strangers and the occasional in-game scare. Our #WakeUpWednesday guide digs a little deeper into Minecraft.National Online Safety

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Hedgehog Rescue

After taking SATs week in their stride, Year 6 have had a very busy week which included a hedgehog rescue!

Vacancy – Class Teacher Sept 2022

Post: Class Teacher (from September 2022)

Salary: M1 to M6

Teachers Pay and Conditions

Fixed Term Contract (initially 1 year)


Lord Deramore’s Primary School is seeking to recruit a Class Teacher for September 2022. This post is suitable for Early Career Teachers.

Lord Deramore’s is a successful and happy one-form entry LA maintained school, situated next to the University of York. Founded in 1795, it is oversubscribed and has a long-standing reputation for providing children with a creative, diverse and inclusive education.

The successful candidate will receive an initial 1-year contract, with deployment likely to be in one of our Key Stage 2 classes.

The school will be fully committed to providing professional development opportunities to the successful candidate, potentially including middle and senior leadership development. Early Career Teachers are welcome to apply for this post.

Applicants are asked to include the following information in their supporting statements:

  • Why you have chosen to apply for this post – and specifically at Lord Deramore’s.
  • Evidence that you are a capable and talented classroom practitioner (e.g. grading/excerpts of formal lesson observations; impact on children, pupil outcomes and progress; impact on curriculum delivery and experiences).
  • Your curriculum strengths, talents, interests and expertise.


Visits to the school are available. Please email to arrange a tour with James Rourke (Headteacher).

A detailed recruitment pack can be downloaded here.

Application forms are available to download from the school website here.

Please submit completed application forms by post or electronically to: or FAO James Rourke, Lord Deramore’s Primary School, School Lane, York, YO10 5EE.


Closing date: Sunday 24 April 2022 at 12 midnight

Shortlisting: Tuesday 26th April

Assessment:  Invitations to teach at Lord Deramore’s (for shortlisted candidates): Wednesday 27 April to Wednesday 4 May.

Interviews: Friday 6 May 2022


The school is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people and expects all staff and volunteers to share this commitment.  We require the successful applicant to undertake an enhanced Criminal Record check via the Disclosure and Barring Service.

This post is subject to the Childcare (Disqualification) Regulations 2009 and as such shortlisted candidates will be asked to complete a Disqualification Declaration. Any information supplied will be discussed at interview.

Hedgehog-Friendly School – Gold Award!

We are delighted to announce that we have achieved the gold hedgehog-friendly schools award. With a challenging 60 points needed for gold, we managed a whopping 93 points!

We love doing our bit to help hedgehogs. Congratulations too go to our neighbours, the University of York, who also achieved gold.