Outdoors with Year 5

Y5 Messages_1Year 5 imagined they been shipwrecked or abandoned on desert islands, strange planets and even the North Pole! They wrote messages to send out in a bottle for their rescue.

Y5 Messages_2





We found the bottles floating in the ‘sea’ and read some out to see if we could help.


There were also visitors in Year 5. A team from Jorvik came to school to work with them. We looked at artefacts from WW1 and found out about the WW1 memorials in Heslington Church.

Map 2After making maps of Heslington with the team from Jorvik, year 5 created 3D maps using natural materials.

Can you see the road and the church?

Map 1

Lacross 2Year 5 braved the rain to have their first ever Lacrosse lesson. Thank you Mrs Barson for an excellent introduction to this exciting sport!