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Year 5

Year 5 had to search for ‘Heart of Ents’ and the week was set in Middle Earth from Lord of the Rings. They researched the different Ent (tree) species around the lands by looking at leaves. They also estimated and measured each Ent’s age and height. They had to look at how the plants and trees reproduced and dissect plants to find the different parts of the flower and explain what they do. At the end of the week, the Ents treated the class to pancakes and set them challenges to complete in the forest, including creating a baby Ent, building a den for a baby Ent and designing a pulley to transport water to the highest Ent’s mouths.

They also had a visit from Mrs O’Toole, of Fulford School, who helped them make and launch rockets. One rocket travelled 37 metres!

Outdoor Challenges with Years 5 & 6

Years 5 & 6 showed great teamwork in the crate challenge.

They were challenged further – to build bridges for the three Billy Goats Gruff using only spaghetti and wine gums. A tricky task!

Year 6 created a blind-fold challenge course for each other. Their communication skills were really tested.

They also had a challenging scientific task  –  they had to get their egg to travel as far as it could (through the air) and come out unscathed after landing. They had a 100% safety record!



Years 4 & 6 have been calculating the length of various parts of their digestive systems and replicating them with pieces of string. The total length of each digestive system varied between 6 and 9 metres!

Year 4 investigated the effect of different liquids and the size of food on digestion.

Year 6  have tried to eat with a dry mouth and made their own stomachs!

Thank you to Ms Bunn, from Archbishop Holgate’s School, who came and showed Year 5 a whole digestive system with knitted intestines!