Category: Year 2

Key Stage 1

Years 1 & 2 acted as paleontologists, excavating chocolate chips with great care! The clay ammonites they created with clay were very realistic. The children were visited by ‘Technology in Play’, learning about how our bodies work and had fun making lungs.

Year 2

There was super team work in Year 2 when they had to use different materials and resources to build a stable bridge as well as shelters in the forest. They demonstrated their creativity, getting messy, in the Mud Kitchen.

Years 1 & 2 Outdoors

Following the theme of ‘On the Move’, Years 1 and 2 worked together in pairs to make minibeasts with natural materials as well as minibeast play parks. We’re sure the bugs in the forest are going to have a great time keeping fit!


As it is outdoor week, everything is done outside, including computing! Year 1 did active sequencing before writing their own code.

They also enjoyed their Multi-sports session as well as a blindfolded Obstacle Course.




Year 2 Investigate

Year 2 had a great time growing cress as part of Science Week. They planted cress seeds with different liquids and waited to see what would happen. The teachers watched the seeds in coffee with interest! They made careful observational drawings and  examined the cress under the microscope.

Colourful Cress

Year 2 decided to try and grow cress using concentrated orange juice, concentrated red berries juice, water, Diet Coke, coffee and blue ink.