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Science Week 2017

There were lots of investigations, experiments and fun this year in science week. The theme was ‘Our Brilliant Bodies’. Certificates were presented in an assembly at the end of the week to ‘Super Scientists’ from each class.



Years 3 & 4 have been learning about how to keep their teeth healthy. Year 4 made excellent models of different types of teeth.




In Year 3 they ate apples to explore the functions of different teeth . . .












. . . and looked at the difference between milk teeth and adult teeth, brought in by Mrs King.





They investigated what foods are most damaging to our teeth and how to clean them most efficiently. Using disclosing tablets they were able to see which teeth they were brushing the best and which needed a little bit more attention. Then there was some serious brushing!

Even Early Years have been practising brushing their teeth. Look at all those dazzling smiles!



Years 4 & 6 have been calculating the length of various parts of their digestive systems and replicating them with pieces of string. The total length of each digestive system varied between 6 and 9 metres!

Year 4 investigated the effect of different liquids and the size of food on digestion.

Year 6  have tried to eat with a dry mouth and made their own stomachs!

Thank you to Ms Bunn, from Archbishop Holgate’s School, who came and showed Year 5 a whole digestive system with knitted intestines!


Year 6 were visited by students from the University of York Science Departments. They learnt all about the body’s senses.


Year 1 enjoyed a senses investigation – tasting blindfolded, feeling for a soft fluffy material and using their eyes to read the ruler accurately when measuring.

Year 1 Investigate

Year 1 learnt about carnivores, herbivores and omnivores. The children had to read the information cards and then sort the animals.



Year 2 Investigate

Year 2 had a great time growing cress as part of Science Week. They planted cress seeds with different liquids and waited to see what would happen. The teachers watched the seeds in coffee with interest! They made careful observational drawings and  examined the cress under the microscope.

Early Years Investigate

Early Years found out that all the butterflies from Tropical World had been stolen! They had to complete 3 challenges to get them back in time for their visit the next day – a butterfly hunt round school, writing secret messages and making butterfly pictures. You’ll be pleased to know they met the challenges and the butterflies have been returned – phew!

Colour with Years 5 & 6

Year 5 & 6 have been experimenting with colour. In this experiment, the children placed some Skittles in a petri dish and then filled them with water. Then they observed what happened, look at the results! On Friday they tried…

Super Science in Year 4

In Year 4 we started by reading the traditional Australian story of The Rainbow Bird. The story described how the rainbow Bird got colourful feathers after she had shared fire with people. We made our own colourful feathers using filter…