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Year 4

Year 4 investigated bubbles. They attempted to make the smallest bubble possible, create a ‘foam sausage’, make bubbles inside bubbles and balance smaller bubbles on bigger bubbles, with wands made of willow. Maths skills were required for estimating the age, diameter and height of trees. Some of the common trees in the school grounds were identified by using leaf ID sheets to classify them. They identified minibeasts and their body parts, using a key, before creating their own from clay. In the forest they made habitats for woodlice and even found time to relax and read in the shade, enjoying pancakes they had made! Finally, a morning of water experiments kept them cool in the heat.

Outdoors with Years 3 & 4

Years 3 & 4 made parachutes for Oompa Loompas to be able to get into the trickiest spots in Willy Wonka’s factory so that mechanical issues can be sorted out as quickly as possible. They had to work with a partner to create the slowest falling parachute and then design a fair test

They timed how long they took to land when launched from trees in the forest. The most successful ones took over one and a half seconds to land!

Year 4 had a great time in the Mud Kitchen making ‘chocolate’ creations inspired by their topic this term.




Years 3 & 4 have been learning about how to keep their teeth healthy. Year 4 made excellent models of different types of teeth.




In Year 3 they ate apples to explore the functions of different teeth . . .












. . . and looked at the difference between milk teeth and adult teeth, brought in by Mrs King.





They investigated what foods are most damaging to our teeth and how to clean them most efficiently. Using disclosing tablets they were able to see which teeth they were brushing the best and which needed a little bit more attention. Then there was some serious brushing!

Even Early Years have been practising brushing their teeth. Look at all those dazzling smiles!



Years 4 & 6 have been calculating the length of various parts of their digestive systems and replicating them with pieces of string. The total length of each digestive system varied between 6 and 9 metres!

Year 4 investigated the effect of different liquids and the size of food on digestion.

Year 6  have tried to eat with a dry mouth and made their own stomachs!

Thank you to Ms Bunn, from Archbishop Holgate’s School, who came and showed Year 5 a whole digestive system with knitted intestines!